Robert Vargas Brings A New Mural Downtown

Robert Vargas Brings A New Mural Downtown

In early March, Los Angeles based artist Robert Vargas was interviewed by founder, bass player and song writer of Motley Crue, Nikki Sixx.

Including the success of his autobiography, presidency of record label Eleven Seven Music, and philanthropy, Nikki Sixx also hosts a popular radio show called “Sixx Sense.”

During the show interview, Nikki Sixx and Robert Vargas talk about their first acquaintance at the LA Art Show to which they discussed Robert’s plans for the upcoming 14 story mural.

“For me, the challenge is ‘how fast can I do it? What’s the approach? I can do it,” Robert casually explains to Nikki, “…but to come from the top down [referring to his locomotion of the building when painting] , that’s going to be epic.”

Nikki expresses his admiration of Robert’s challenge and jokingly wants to pass the paint. This is the first time that Robert Vargas will do something like this and we are excited to learn more about this in the upcoming weeks!

Listen to the full interview below:

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