Downtown Art Walk Presents: “From Street to Canvas”

Downtown Art Walk Presents: “From Street to Canvas”

Artwork by Moncho1929



AUGUST 24th, 2017, Los Angeles 

This September, the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk is pleased to present “From Street to Canvas”, an exhibition featuring work from artists Clinton Bopp, Davia King, Moncho, and Hannah Webb. The show, which brings together four diverse, equally prolific L.A. street artists, is designed to shine a spotlight on community beautification projects, like those spearheaded by Beautify Earth, StartLA, and Gabba Gallery, and the many talented artists that help contribute to their success. Co-curated by Lara Dildy of the Downtown Art Walk and LA street art photographer Ari Sturm, this one-night event will offer viewers a taste of the creative and imaginative public art pieces currently found in neighborhoods throughout greater Los Angeles.

“From Street to Canvas” will be exhibiting at the Art Walk Lounge, located at 634 S. Spring Street, from 6 to 10pm on Thursday, September 14th.

Participating galleries for this month’s Downtown Art Walk event include: MB Abram Gallery, Avenue des Arts Gallery, The Main Museum, The Fine Arts Building, Ren Gallery, Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery, The Hive, The Spring Arts Collective, Little Tokyo Art Complex, El Playground Gallery, These Days, and Lobby Gallery.

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Over the past decade street artists have emerged from the shadows, working out in the open to add beauty, culture and art to the world around them. Our four talented artists demonstrate their diversity in style and technique by exhibiting pieces that highlight their own distinct touch of creativity. Featuring a wide selection of works, including canvas, wood, and life-sized sculptures, ”From Street to Canvas”showcases the multifaceted talents of some of L.A.’s top street artists.

Clinton Bopp is a New Zealand born artist whose work is deeply inspired by people, their culture and the surroundings he experiences at any given time. Whether the energy of the city or nature around him, all of life’s heartbeat influences his art. Bopp is committed to revealing the profound interconnectedness of people and the world. The art reflects the influence of his complex history; this includes his roots in nature, the Maori culture from his native New Zealand, and the deep respect he holds for the unknowable aspect of the universe. Bopp works primarily in acrylic and spray paint and is most known for his prominent and iconic murals all around Los Angeles.

Moncho, originally born and raised in New York City, has lived and worked in the U.K, Italy, Korea and now Los Angeles where he currently resides. Through all of these transitions he continues to be influenced by modern media and the urban artwork surrounding it. His work can be found in many private collections across the world. Most recently he was interviewed and featured on CNN Espanol for his gallery and public works. Moncho’s murals can be found throughout Los Angeles.

Davia King is an abstract expressionist artist who uses bright colors. By layering thin layers of acrylic ink and aerosol she captures a visual interpretation of creative energy. By allowing the composition to take on a life of its own rather than try to force a preexisting idea, each piece is unique and cannot be replicated the same way twice. King then enlists the public to act as her models as she captures each person in a blind contour style while creating a moment of connection. Davia has been in a number of gallery shows and is currently represented by Dab Art in Ventura, CA and Concept Gallery in SLC, UT. Her murals can be found on city streets from DTLA to Hollywood.

The Obanoth , is a designer, illustrator and mural artist living in Los Angeles. Her work can be dark and creepy, while simultaneously conveying a lighthearted sense of humor and fun. Although she has been producing art for as long as she’s been able to hold a pen, her art career took off after graduating from Laguna College of Art and Design in 2010. She regularly participates in gallery shows across Southern California, produces large-scale murals around LA, and has design and illustration clients worldwide. Hannah Webb has worked with StartLA, located in Los Angeles’ West Adams Historic District. While bringing together a cross-section of artists from around the world, StartLA has had a positive impact, improving their community through art.

The Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk takes place on the second Thursday of each month, attracting over 12,000 attendees to the Historic Core. For 13 years, Art Walk remains the premier self-guided public art phenomenon in Downtown Los Angeles, bringing together art lovers, community members, and repeat visitors who collect art, dine, and shop at local businesses.