Public Safety Info

Public Safety Information

The Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk in conjunction with the Downtown Center Business Improvement District (DCBID) and the Los Angeles Police Department are working together to promote a safer Downtown Art Walk Experience. Our goal is to create a safe and satisfying environment for all who attend.

  • DO:  Maintain an adequate and trained security force
  • DO: Ensure patrons are not over served
  • DO:  Require legal identification to enter
  • DON’T: Allow bottles, etc containing alcohol to leave the premises
  • DO:  Refuse entry to guests who are inebriated or otherwise impaired
  • DO:  Have contact numbers for taxis’ available for intoxicated patrons
  • DO:  Initiate a queue system for waiting guests to eliminate blocking the sidewalk
  • DO:  Ensure reservations are not over-booked
  • DO: Recognize patrons who are inebriated or impaired
  • DO:  Have contact number for taxis available for intoxicated patrons
  • DO:  Initiate a queue system for waiting guests that eliminates blocking the sidewalk
  • DO:  Maintain noise levels of live music or entertainment emanating from the venue
  • DON’T:  Display items for sale on the sidewalk
  • DO:  Encourage shoppers to not congest on the sidewalk
  • DON’T:  Offer alcohol to inebriated or intoxicated patrons
  • DON’T:  Allow residents and guests to congest on the sidewalk/entryway to premises
  • DO:  Ensure that parties and events held on the premises do not get out of hand
  • DO:  Enforce applicable codes and required rules as they apply to behavior, etc.
  • DO:  Maintain and enforce crowd capacity as determined by the Fire Department
  • DO:  Ensure that alcohol is not over served, or served in violation of applicable laws
  • DO:  Encourage patrons from congesting on sidewalks or blocking entry ways


The information contained here is helpful in explaining the duties and responsibilities of businesses, their owners and representatives. Working together, residents of downtown Los Angeles and visitors alike can experience Art Walk in a safe, enjoyable manner, as the result of a successful partnership between the City of Los Angeles, the Downtown Art Walk and all Art Walk participants.